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May 2016

Finishing a successful season.....with 10 days of rain!

Monday, 16th May 2016

It is the end of a great season of trekking for us here at Ben Lomond Horse Treks. 

We have managed to get the horses off the mountain and down into their ideal winter haven - a paddock with so much grass they don't even know where to start! 

Happy Holiday boys! Well deserved break for our beautiful trekking horses.

We have had a busy fortnight moving all of our equipment down from Moke Lake. I will admit that driving that huge trailer down that winding road had me holding my breath for longer than anyone ever should, but we got out safely.

We are looking forward to October 1st when our 2016/17 trekking season starts. 

Hopefully the winter here is not too cold and snowy! I will be posting regular updates on how our horses are doing on our Facebook Page.  For now all fingers and toes crossed that this rain stops soon before I have to swim out to check on the horses.